Custom Work

Gulf Air Center is happy to welcome Complete Customs Inc. to the air field.

They are a full service aircraft interior shop. They also have a full service custom auto shop, were they can build your project complete in house from the ground up or any where in between (upholstery, metal fabrication, custom paint, chassis and drive train work). If you need custom work done on your boat , they can handle that also.

Their experience spans over 20 years in corporate and general aviation maintenance with their primary talents being focused on aircraft structural maintenance, full interior refurbishment and customization by trained and licensed aircraft technicians. In 2004 they decided their knowledge of aviation could easily cross over to one of their passionate hobbies which is automobile performance and customization. They take the same precision and pride and put it into every project they build  whether it fly’s, rolls , or floats.

Visit Complete Custom Inc at their website